Here’s Why the Makita Battery & Charger Kit Is the Only Combo You Need

It’s 2020 and Makita is proud to introduce its newest line of batteries and chargers. These packs come with their own set of tools and other add-ons for maximum performance and convenience. A Makita battery & charger set is now available in your favourite hardware store or online shop. This article will serve as a quick review of the fantastic Makita battery and charger package and why you should buy one for yourself.

Introducing the Makita Battery & Charger Package

Contractors and dealers alike have been hoping that a battery and charger kit will finally be available, and it’s now upon us. Makita has finally made a move and answered people’s call by introducing their new lithium-ion battery and charger combo kit. Not only does this bundle include Makita’s best-selling 18-volts LXT Lithium-ion 2.0mAh and 18-volts Compact Lithium-ion 1.5Ah batteries, but you can also choose a variety of different cordless power tools to pair them with. Both these batteries offer power and performance. Using your Makita, power tool and can last up to 20 hours of continued usage. At the same time, you will also get the Makita battery charger, which features a fast-charging capability. That way, you will always have your tools ready whenever you need them.


Benefits and Features

The New Makita battery & charger kits are compatible with the 18V sockets of the batteries that come with them. You can also use it for a 12-volt battery, making it an extremely versatile battery and charger combo. Its fast-charging feature allows you to charge all of your tools at once. That way, you keep using them without ever stopping. You’ll only have to wait for an hour and a half for your batteries to fully charge and be available again for use. The latest model of the Makita charger lineups is the DC18VSE. It is currently one of the best-selling Makita chargers out there. It has a variety of exciting perks and features that make it one of the best chargers in the market. Along with the 18V Li-On battery, the DC18VSE makes up for an astounding combo that you genuinely give any battery and charger back a run for their money.


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