Residential Retaining Walls Melbourne to Create High-quality Retaining Wall Builder Melbourne

Residential retaining walls Melbourne can vary in height, shape, materials, and construction methods. Some of the wall designs are specifically designed to keep creeks, ponds, ditches, and rivers from flowing into a landscape. Others are designed to keep trees and shrubs out of view and out of a home or business. And then there are retaining walls that have no other purpose other than to keep your home or business dry. Hire a retaining wall builder Melbourne today. Here are some considerations for every design:


A: The first consideration is the wall’s height. Most retaining walls come in two basic styles: those that are concrete, and those that are stone or brick. Stone and brick are usually taller, while concrete walls are less than half an inch high. A concrete wall will require more excavation for the foundation, and the top of the wall may be sloped toward the front of the house. Stone and brick walls can also be cut in various shapes; however, they often require a lot of work on the ground and sidewalls, which are where the retaining wall is located. The height is also determined by the number of vines and shrubs that you need to keep out.


B: The second factor to consider when choosing residential retaining walls is the material that they’re made of. Stone and brick walls are both durable and long-lasting, but concrete is an excellent option because it’s easier to install. If you have an old home, you can probably find some pre-existing concrete walls that were never put on the market, making them perfect for new additions to your landscape. Hire a retaining wall builder Melbourne now.


C: If you need to keep out water from your yard, choose a wall with a sloped design. Sloping walls can keep water away from your garden and flower beds. However, they can also keep you from seeing what’s going on in your garden. This is especially important if your landscaping is an effort to bring nature inside your home. Remember, most landscaping is part of an overall landscape plan. When building retaining walls, you need to have an idea of where to place each section and where they’ll meet one another. Without a plan, you’ll be building walls that are just a flat expanse of concrete.


D: In addition to keeping water away from your gardens and flower beds, residential retaining walls Melbourne can also keep animals from entering or exiting your property. This is particularly important if your home has animals that spend time in your yard. There are a number of different styles to choose from, depending on how you want your animals to stay in the yard: animal fences, gates, pergolas, and solar fences are all popular options. Hire a professional retaining wall builder Melbourne today.